Powerful Life-Lessons From The FIFA World Cup

Anytime millions of people rally behind a grand moment, we are bound to have some incredible life-lessons. The World Cup is more than a series of games. It’s a testament to what humans can accomplish. Somehow, we were able to invent a sport and build its popularity to such global proportions that people would fight [...]

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A Tutorial in Setting Up Chatwing On Your Site

A site supported by a chatting tool can easily provide customer satisfaction to its viewers via live chat. Much more so if the chatting tool is an excellent one that can provide real time chat while ensuring its chatters of a spam free environment. These are just some of the things that describe Chatwing chat [...]

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7 mistakes you don’t realize you are doing when promoting blog

Have you been working hard on asite that you have recently started but have no traffic to show for it? While you might be trying your best in promoting your blog, there are some vital mistakes that you could be making that is hindering your success. To ensure that you are promoting your blog correctly, [...]


Order food online, even while on the move!

The e-commerce sector displays one of the fastest growing markets in Pakistan and is aiming to quickly climb global markets. Having started with Tohfay, a delivery service specialized in sending gifts to Pakistani residents from their family and friends or beloved ones around the world, the hype evolved quickly. New concepts, ideas and projects are [...]

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Why Online Marketing Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

Although most businesses have some type of internet presence nowadays, a lot of them don’t fully understand the marketing potential of the internet. Small businesses blame high marketing costs as the reason they are unable to use the internet to their advantage, which is completely wrong. Online marketing campaigns can be very cost effective, and [...]

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What tactics will change the way you build links

Creating and building links can be hard at times. The scenario can worsen when link building is carried out for the Ecommerce based sites. Believe it or not but it really takes some unique approaches to pick the hard links that can create that impact to excel the performance while leaving the competitors behind. There [...]

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28 May Youm-e-Takbir – The Day of Power & Supremacy of Muslim Ummah

Pakistani nation & whole Muslim Ummah celebrated 28 May as a “Youm-e-Takbir”. This day brings a message of immortal power of defense for the Muslim state especially for the revival of whole Muslim Ummah. Glorious Day of Celebration: On May 28 1998 the Pakistani scientists fired up the trigger of nukes and make Pakistan as [...]

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Importance of Internet Marketing Expert to a Business

Business today has found a modern way of selling and marketing products and services through Internet. Although the Internet world has become well-known, internet marketing is still a puzzle for many companies. This is mostly because several are somewhat puzzled as to how Internet marketing works and how it can help run a real business. [...]

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Air Travel tips to make your journey memorable

Travel by air can be exciting. It can also be a nightmare. The key to enjoyable travelling is to be prepared. For those who have little, or no, experience travelling by air here are some air travel tips to make your journey a memorable one. Travel Light Check your luggage if you are travelling international. [...]

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Make your very own chat box with ChatWing chat widget

Chatwing chat widget has been changing the flow of web traffic of the site owners using it from good to excellent. That’s because it’s more than just a simple chatting tool – it is a tool that connects you and your visitors while ensuring the credibility of your conversations with each other. Not only does [...]

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