New release : urdu phpBB3

urdu phpBB3 Released

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Translation in Urdu
While Surfing Urdu Mehfil I have seen many queries asking for phpbb3’s urdu customization. I was also curious when the project of Olymus localization is going to be started. There has been couple of individual attempts but many of them stop working after some progress. Main reason was that they were encountering problems while customizing of phpbb3 candidate releases. And that was time I started thinking that I must try to work on Urdu localization of PHPBB3. I started working over the translation of forum somewhere during October. As it was my first Urdu localization project so it was initially too slow, and again it was another individual attempt.
During November I came across a post on urdu mehfil which were asking for integrating webpad in PHPBB3. That was the turning point in urdu localization, as I have tried to integrate webpad in phpBB3 and then uploaded it for them. And the same night when I come online I got message from Shakirulqadree sahib. And he told me that to integrate more options in main editor and also integrate webpad on some more pages. Durig this I come to Know that ShakirulQadree sahib is also working on urdu localization. He offered me to join him in Translation and here we go.
But when in early December we were planning to release the beta version of Urdu Translation I just come to know that PHPHBB gold is going to be launched. So again things get delayed. Then at the same time we came across a portal for phpBB3 and we started working over it. During this the big day comes when PHPBB has released Gold version. When we have finished portal translation then we come to know that due to technical difficulties and no BIDI support in templates of portal we won’t be able to convert it easily in urdu.
So then we decided that ok we just convert normal forum in urdu and make a test run on Alqlm. And at that time Alqlm become the first forum to adopt the urdu phpBB3. Initially we have seen very difficult time and an significant decrease in daily traffic. That even made us think several times to rollback alqlm to phpBB2 but by the grace of Almighty Allah we have come through that bad patch. Addition of number of themes, urdu Asia Naskh support, addition of some Mods and also due to consistent visits and contribution of some members of Alqlm, forum is back on track.
And ALHAMDULILLAH now after months of testing online and locally ( for which I am thankful to Naseer Ahmad, Zahoor Ahmed Solangi, Aatif Majeed, Wasim Khan and last but not least Shakirulqadree), I am proud to Announce the release of Urdu phpBB3.

This package contains the Urdu version of the phpbb 3.0 software without any extra modifications, but another pre-modded package containing several useful modifications including a portal is also planned.

Download : Urdu phpBB3 released