The Benefits of Operating with Ubuntu

A computer operating system based on Linux, Ubuntu is increasing in popularity largely thanks to the company’s foundation built upon the philosophy of humanity towards others. With a commitment to providing the software free of charge to everyone everywhere, no matter what their language and despite any disability barriers, it’s easy to see why more and more computer users are jumping on board with Ubuntu, improving it and passing it on.

If free doesn’t sound amazing enough, here are a few more benefits to using Ubuntu as your operating system:

Ubuntu is safe and secure. Because Ubuntu understands the dangers that come with using the internet, Ubuntu provides you the equipment to surf the net with safety as your top priority. The system comes with Firefox as a standard browser, but you are also given the option of alternatives like Google Chrome found in the Ubuntu Software Centre. To protect your information and to maintain your privacy, Ubuntu is also armed with the latest in anti-phishing technology, automatic security updates, and defenses that will fight against destructive viruses.

Ubuntu offers professional office applications. If you are using your system for work and need to create the most professional level of documents, spreadsheets and presentations…Ubuntu has got you covered with LibreOffice. Not only can you utilize the tools in LibreOffice, but Ubuntu is completely compatible with Microsoft Office, allowing you to open and edit projects in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Ubuntu provides a platform for social networking. For the social network obsessed, Ubuntu comes chalk-full of applications accessible from the main panel, enabling quick and easy communication. Here are a few favorites amongst Ubuntu users for staying connected to family, friends and coworkers:

  • Empathy: an app that integrates your chat accounts into one.
  • Thunderbird: an app that gives you access to your emails, address book and calendar—perfect for the business-minded individuals.
  • Gwibber: a tool that keeps you up to date with people in your social networks…you can see all of your microblogging feeds in one place.
  • Skype: a video chat app that allows you to video-call your friends, family and colleagues wherever you are.

Ubuntu shares pictures and video. Sticking with its free theme, Ubuntu provides you with tons of apps free of charge to help you manage, edit and share your pictures and videos. Another benefit? The operating system supports any device you use to capture your life so that you won’t need any extra drivers. One popular app to try for importing, organizing and editing your material is Shotwell.

Ubuntu gives you access to music. If you are an avid music fan you will be delighted by Ubuntu’s venue for enjoying your favorite tunes—no matter what genre you prefer. Ubuntu gives you what you need to play, create and edit MP3s, sync your whole collection of music straight to your PC or phone, buy music in the Ubuntu One Music Store or connect to programs like Spotify and

Ubuntu gives you software options. The expansive Ubuntu Software Centre gives you access to thousands of free, open-source applications. You will be able to easily install the software and customize your desktop however you choose. With Ubuntu you have the ability to create and publish your own apps or just browse applications that come with reviews and ratings from categories like accessories, games, graphics, fonts, office, education, etc.


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