Tips: How to write good Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) writing is an art. One will experience that as time progresses, one adds on months and then years of experience in our chosen career(s) and our CV also may become more voluminous!

While there may be ready-made templates available from MS Office Online ( or the internet, there is no ‘one set format’ for a CV. The prospective nature of job for which one is applying has to be borne in mind (vis-à-vis roles and responsibilities that go with it), while working on one’s CV and core skills /competencies identified in oneself may be projected appropriately. That is why I think when we hear of an opening in an organization for example, we immediately query “what is the job profile like?”, to get a first-hand information of the nature of that job. Experience tells me that the more I analyze my CV, the more better and finer it could be made to get the desired ‘punch’ in it or in simple words the CV looks better and so the chances of catching the eye in one glance multiplies when a prospective employer views it.

Here are some tips which may be come in handy.

CV Writing Tips

Your CV is an employer’s first impression of you and it must leave a favorable and lasting impact. A successful CV is one that will appear in the most searches and generate the most interviews.

The CV Builder will guide you through the CV building process step-by-step providing you with tips and examples along the way. We have also provided you with a list of action verbs (please see list at end) that we recommend you refer to and use to ensure the strongest, most concise delivery.

Position Sought

Here is where you define who you are in relation to skills and experience. This is a critical part of your CV as it is the first section a potential employer reads and it should portray you in the most relevant and professional light.



This should be a brief and focused statement of what you can do and what you are looking for. Employers will look here first before proceeding onto your resume.


Work Experience

Unless you are a fresh graduate, your Work Experience is the most important part of the CV. Highlight your skills and assigned responsibilities in each previous job.



List your academic background; degrees, certifications and training received.



List out any professional affiliations, associations or memberships of interest to employers.



Use this section to show a potential employer your overall work-related skills and abilities including languages and technical skills. Please note that your skills are one of the KEY search criteria in Employer searches so make sure you include all technical, analytical, professional and other skills.



Listing references is optional but it is always a good idea to include them. List the name and contact information of references.


List of Action Verbs which may be used

A : allocated, analyzed, anticipated, approved, arbitrated, arranged, assembled, assessed, assigned, assisted, attained, attended, audited, authored

B : balanced, budgeted, built

C : calculated, centralized, chaired, changed, checked, clarified, classified, coached, collaborated, collated, collected, communicated, compared, compiled, composed, computed, conceived, conceptualized, condensed, conducted, consolidated, constructed, consulted, contracted, contributed, controlled, converted, convinced, cooperated, coordinated, correlated, corresponded, counseled, created, critiqued, cultivated, customized

D : debated, decided, defined, delegated, delivered, demonstrated, designed, detailed, determined, developed, devised, diagnosed, directed, discovered, documented, doubled, drafted, drove

E : earned, edited, educated, effected, eliminated, enabled, enforced, engineered, established, evaluated, examined, executed, expanded, expedited, experienced, experimented, explained, extrapolated

F : facilitated, figured, financed, followed through, forecasted, formed, formulated, founded

G : gathered, generated, guided

H : handled, headed, helped, hired

I : identified, illustrated, imagined, implemented, improved, improvised, increased, influenced, informed, initiated, innovated, inspected, inspired, installed, instituted, instructed, insured, integrated, interpreted, interviewed, introduced, invented, investigated, issued

J : Justified

K : keynoted

L : launched, lectured, led, licensed

M : maintained, managed, marketed, mastered, mediated, mentored, merged, met deadlines, minimized, moderated, monitored, motivated

N : negotiated, nominated

O : observed, obtained, operated, organized, originated, overhauled,  oversaw

P : participated, performed, persuaded, pioneered, planned, prepared, prevented, prioritized, problem solved, processed, produced, programmed, projected, promoted, proved, provided, publicized

R : recommended, reconciled, recruited, reduced, referred, reorganized, repaired, reported, represented, researched, resolved, retrieved, reviewed, revitalized

S : scheduled, selected, separated, served, set goals, setup, shaped, simplified, solved, sparked, specified, spoke, staffed, strengthened, submitted, succeeded, summarized, supervised, surveyed, systemized

T : tabulated, tailored, taught, tested, tracked, trained

U : upgraded, utilized

V : validated

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