Scope of the subject & their interaction with our life

Scope of the subject basically refers to the area where it can be applied and scope of different subjects varies from each other in this regard.

The area in which the subject is applicable is called range area of the subject. It also depends upon the nature of the subject. Like Mathematics has the widest range of its application. It can be applied in any field of life and give high output. So the range and scope of the subject depends upon its nature.

In general all the subjects have high interaction with our lives but few of them are more interactive and have high influence in our life. We can say that they have become part of our lives or parts of them are parts of our lives. For understanding interaction with these subjects, man is required to study the life and tali it with these subjects.

Scope of different subject is as under.

  1. Mathematics: The subject mathematics especially basic mathematics has become part of our life. In general when we talk with somebody, some 70 % of mathematics become part of that discussion. Like when we deal with shopkeeper so talk in dozens and numbers. We ask how much banana’s dozen costs. The shopkeeper answers us in terms of money like its cost is Rs.50/- per dozen. Then if we want to buy half of a dozen the shopkeeper divides it on two and say you have to pay Rs.25/- for this. And it is the case in division of land. Whenever two persons want to divide the land by two they normally use algebra there. More over the subject of mathematics is a wide range subject and its areas of applications are PAEC, NDC, NSO & other different areas. In short we can say that it is applicable in each field of operation.
  2. Sociology: Sociology has a wide range of application in human societies. It has different role in different human societies. Man follows it rules and principles in their life in general. Different sociologists try to implement its principles and roles in different human society in which he know that these can be implemented. It studies culture, norms, values, expectation, and institution e.t.c. It defines and evaluates cultures of different nations living in different areas of the world and something new to it.
  3. Physics: Physics is a science subject like mathematics and have influence in our life. Due to the inventions of this subject much more things are introduced which have highly facilitated our lives. More than this in general the kilogram term is used very much in general in life. When some one go to purchase something, he asks the shopkeeper how much its kilogram costs and he answers.
  4. Medical: Medical is also one of the important subject which has a total interaction with our life. It also has a wide range of research to provide different solutions for different problems occurring in our lives. Whenever a person becomes ill he contacts a medical doctor or dispenser for diagnosis. When the doctor or dispenser diagnoses him then the pharmacists prescribe some medicines for his treatment. The pharmacists conduct continuos research to produce more good medicines for different diseases. The doctors also refer different methods to people to protect themselves from different diseases.
  5. Computer Science: Computer Science also has high interaction with our life. It has also facilitated the life of human upto a great extent. In primitive ages communication was really tough and costly but due to computer sciences (Information Technology) it has become very cheap and easy. A man in USA can contact easily with a person in Pakistan and will cost a few rupees because the area is high specialized and a very cheap technology has been introduced.

In short all the subjects have high interaction with our life and have a wide scope.

Naseer Ahmad

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