Learn the Five Key Steps to Getting Free Publicity for Your Internet Site and Products

Who doesn’t want free publicity? Whether you’re starting off in the wonderful world of marketing or have been at it for awhile, finding a way to obtain free publicity for your website is really an excellent idea. What do you need to know and do to accomplish such a feat?

Consider Offline Sources

All of your advertising does not have to be done from behind the computer. Ask the local stores, libraries and other establishments you frequent if you could put a sign about your website in the storefront. As long as it’s not for competing products, the owners will usually be amenable.

Use Facebook

Facebook is such a popular force these days, so why not make a Facebook page for your products and services? With such a site, you have the ability to advertise what you are selling, post statuses about the latest offers and goods and directly connect with fans, current clients and potential customers. No price has to be paid for the Facebook page. If you decide that you do want to spend a few extra dollars, then you can usually purchase an advertisement that reaches a larger audience for a reasonable amount of money.

Friends and Family

You don’t always need to ask strangers if they can help you promote your website and products. Turn to family members and friends to find out if they’ll do a bit of promotional work for you. This might include noting your expertise on their own Facebook sites, promoting your products on their blogs and business websites and recommending you to people who ask them where they can find a professional in the field. Offer to do some free advertising for them, and it will be a reciprocal arrangement you can both thoroughly enjoy.

Hiring Interns

Once you have made a major mark in the industry, young professionals and college students may start to seek you out. Even if you are a smaller business, they could still want to do some internship work for you. Interns are often not expecting to be compensated, so you need not worry about paying them. Be sure you are clear about this arrangement in the intern posting; note that it is not a paid internship. The person might do such an excellent job with publicity for your company, that you decide to hire him or her upon the student’s graduation from college.

Networking with Others

Sometimes, people are looking to get their names out there too. For example, consider a freelance advertiser who has not had any work in months or years. He or she may be willing to do some publicity for free with you in the beginning, and then you can work out an agreement for some sort of payment when you are happy with the work.

About Author: Jason Harter is a marketing specialist that has been specializing in sales for many years. He also enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for best marketing colleges

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