Air Travel tips to make your journey memorable

Travel by air can be exciting. It can also be a nightmare. The key to enjoyable travelling is to be prepared. For those who have little, or no, experience travelling by air here are some air travel tips to make your journey a memorable one.

Travel Light

Check your luggage if you are travelling international. Bring as little on board with you as possible. The ultimate light traveller will have only one bag to carry onto the plane. Airports are getting bigger all the time. The distance you need to tote baggage can make the trip from the check-in counter to the departure gate feel like a marathon.

Dress Properly for Air Travel

The best clothing for comfortable air travel is the type that is light and loose fitting. Some air-cabins can get quite cold, especially on long flights, so ensure you have warm socks available. Wear clothing that is layered; you can adjust to temperature changes. It could be hot in the terminal and feel like near freezing in the plane. With layered clothing you will be ready for any variance in temperature.

Keep Hydrated and Avoid Alcohol or Caffeine

Water is a natural hydrated drink which boosts your energy levels. . Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours before your flight. When on board, drink only water or juice. Keeping hydrated will help maintain an even body temperature and help you be more comfortable during the flight.

Book Early to Personalize Seating and Meals

The earlier you book your flight the better seating selection you can make for yourself. Everyone has their own preferences and being able to make an early seat selection is important to seasoned air travellers. If you are travelling with an infant on a long flight booking early may get you a bulk head seat, where you can utilize a bassinet to keep your young child happy.

Booking Early can also allow you to order special meals, if you have dietary requirements. This is important when travelling with children. Food in air terminals is expensive so eat a light meal before you leave for the airport.

Be Prepared for Downtime and Delays

Make sure that cell phones have been prepared with the latest game apps that your children enjoy. This can save your life if you have a long delay. For yourself make sure you have a copy of that book you wanted to read.

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