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We today are delightful to announce that we are now accepting Guest Posts on

If you’d like to write and submit a guest post to for potential publication, to widen our network and to add versatility to our blog, that’s great.

Thanks for thinking of me! First, things first, here’s the number one condition.

Post your article today on webmaster [@] with subject “GUEST POST”

Guidelines and Policies

  • Exclusivity : Unless previously agreed, I ask that posts submitted to us are written exclusively for use by ‘’. While you’re more than welcome to write on the same topic elsewhere, all I ask is that posts that appear on ‘’ do not appear in the same form elsewhere.
  • Voice : Some guest posters worry about what voice or style to write in. Ultimately this is up to you. I encourage you to write using your own voice. I like interesting posts. Tell a story, use a great metaphor, or write some thought-provoking material. If there are problems I will discuss them with you before publication.
  • Editing : Occasionally I will need to edit posts to correct spelling, grammar, or the the odd word here or there. However if major changes, omissions or additions are required I will contact you before publication.
  • Length : Posts should be at least 600-800 words long.
  • Format : Please email me the text of your post in a plain text file along with photos as attachments. Also please suggest a good and attractive title for your post.
  • Photos : Supplying at least one photo will help your post be guaranteed for submission, otherwise I will have to find one, which will take time and may not be representative of your post. The size of any photo submitted to us should be a minimum of 1200 x 600 pixels and less than 1.5MB in file size.
  • Byline : You’ve worked hard to create great content, so let me help you, by giving you credit for your work. With your post please include a photo of you and a short paragraph about yourself, as well as 1 link to your website, blog, or Facebook page, Linked-in etc.

Post Ownership

  • Your post must be your own original work that hasn’t been offered or published elsewhere.
  • All photos submitted to me to use in your post must be your own work and/or be properly attributed or licensed.
  • You will retain copyright to your post and photographs

Thanks for taking the time to read this before submitting your post.

Post your article today on webmaster [@] with subject “GUEST POST”

I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient as some days i am pretty busy.’ will not post links to products or services I do not personally use or endorse (i.e. No Affiliate Links), or un-releated products or sites.

I am not able to use everything we receive and sometimes I have to decline posts because of the quality, relevance to the site or similarities to other posts. Please don’t be offended by this, as I am just trying to make sure every post we publish is as successful as possible.