Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid e Azam) – Rare pictures

Naseer Ahmad

I am Naseer Ahmad Mughal from Islamabad (Pakistan). I have been working as a Manager Development at SyntecX from last 4+ years, and its my passion to learn new things and implement them as a practice. I am also work as freelancer as well as a volunteer web development expert who loves to learn through innovative ideas and inspiration. You can find me online at LinkedIn & Twitter

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16 Responses

  1. rabia says:

    today [pakistan missing u never like before!

  2. expensive beauty says:

    y you have erased the description of father of the nation??????????
    if you dont like then you simly dont write. dont embarce him like this

  3. nasar butt says:

    thanks for this lovely collection… we miss you our BELOVED QUAID..

  4. Pakistan says:

    I am missing you my great father

  5. ketlord says:

    What a great collection…. thanks and keep it up

  6. waqar says:

    Today,Pakistan need such a great leader

  7. waqar says:

    Today,Pakistan need such great leader

  8. waqar khalil says:

    such a greatleader & hero who can’t be forgeted in history of the muslims

  9. Ali says:

    Any idea from where i can buy the posters of our great leader Quaid-e-



  10. ali akber says:

    Unbelievable Great Personality……………

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