14 August, Pakistan Independence Day (Yaum-e-Azadi)

Naseer Ahmad

I am Naseer Ahmad Mughal from Islamabad (Pakistan). I have been working as a Manager Development at SyntecX from last 4+ years, and its my passion to learn new things and implement them as a practice. I am also work as freelancer as well as a volunteer web development expert who loves to learn through innovative ideas and inspiration. You can find me online at LinkedIn & Twitter

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16 Responses

  1. wajid hussain awan kallar kahar says:

    no one has right to hate pakistan.first give you zeal 2 country then ask be positive

  2. The Matz says:

    @Maria: it doesn’t mean that if the downfall is in the country the nationlist the people of that nation should start hating the country NO!! The Quaid gave Pakistan to us to be Raised more Frequenlty Raised, So it’s we , we ma’am we should bring the Changes rather than start hating -:)

  3. maria says:

    i hate pakistan i dont lik this because which things should’nt be that is occuring in our country i am so sad about my country to see this situation i am too sad too sad

  4. HK LUCKY says:

    hy kashif i already join your group.merawatan looks great i love it

  5. baby says:


  6. Kashif says:

    yea be a good pakistani and work for its prosperity and well being of its peeople………
    and if u wanna celebrate independence day with Our PAKISTAN so join this

  7. abdul wadood says:

    majeed you are the best please chat with me

  8. faisal rehman says:

    be a good pakistani and work for its prosperity and well being of its peeople…………

  9. Visdom says:

    61 Years Ago there was a nation in search of a piece of land.
    Now There is a piece of land in Search of a nation. Love Pakistan and Pray for Pakistan


  10. Muhammad Kashif Majeed says:

    Wishing you a very happy independence, lets pray to ALLAH Almighty for the prosperity and welbering of our home,


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