I love the web. I mean, I spend all day at work, working on the web, and guess what I do when I come home? I do work on the web! Whether it’s work on my site, freelance work, or just trying new things; I am always doing something involving the web.

I strive to create effective, accessible, and standards compliant websites for an affordable price. I make websites because I love making them. Contact me if you need a site developed.

My portfolio highlights the different sort of projects I can undertake. In each case the client is heavily involved in the initial creative process so that I can give them a unique look for their business. I also ensure that all of my web based applications are cross-browser compatible and (if required) fully accessible to those using screen readers.

Below are just a few websites and developed applications from my vast portfolio. I have selected these projects to show you a variety of different business industries. Due to privacy policies I cannot show you a lot of my software development and programming work. The following list have all been developed by me and my friend Kashif Majeed from scratch and will provide you with an idea of our custom programming skills.

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