New release : urdu phpBB3

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  1. selleriee says:


  2. HSCharles says:

    I have a flash site
    i’m looking for the script who shows google ads with flash.
    do you know this script?

  3. SallyHilvbaters says:

    My husband and I want to go on a awesome vacation soon. We were looking for advice. Anyone have any fantastic locations? A means to save a little cash would be nice too. Vacationing is expensive these days.

  4. Zainab Naseem says:

    Hello incharge,
    I visited your website, i am so impressed by your teachings and work. I found that you are doing such a wonderful work for the Islamic people in the mean time. I am interested to work with your ministry or organization as a translator. I hope so that you will consider me for this great option. I will wait to hear from you if you have any work of translation in to Urdu or Punjabi. Thank you
    Zainab Naseem

  5. admin_papa says:

    Good Day

    Just wanted to share my new experience.

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  6. darvenginzks says:

    I’ve recently joined and wanted to introduce myself 🙂

  7. Manickz Jami says:

    How its going?

  8. grineNuri says:


    I’m newer here and stopping in to say hi.
    I hope everyone has a good day.


  9. llama fruit says:

    Hello all. I just joined the forums and it looks interesting.

  10. Whiduarishoda says:

    Hello. I am DruMotana

    I am like this forum. Excuse me me for my emotions!

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