What tactics will change the way you build links

Creating and building links can be hard at times. The scenario can worsen when link building is carried out for the Ecommerce based sites. Believe it or not but it really takes some unique approaches to pick the hard links that can create that impact to excel the performance while leaving the competitors behind. There are certain tactics available that, if used, can change the link building concept forever. Let’s discuss about these powerful tactics:

The First tactic: GO QUOTE Hunting

There is a fairly simple idea behind this tactics. Simply start with a basic list idea. However, instead of brainstorming different ideas to get added to the list, why not start asking the experts? This is an extremely powerful idea since there is chance of working with enormous influences. More importantly, there is no need to ask much about them from any of those. What matter most is to look for simple sentences or even paragraphs that contributes to the list. The “Outreach” concept looks easier when using this specific approach. The contribution is small and at the same time, there is a slight requesting tone related to site promotion. It can be easily done with very large group of influecers. However, the entire concept is no cakewalk. In fact, it takes longer than developing one’s own list. Always keep one thing in mind – most of the influencers never think like the SEO experts. So, it is not a great concept to provide them with the linking back opportunity. Be very careful when trying to carry out back linking for the sites. Once the list gets published, there is simply no need to talk about promoting the sites. Be very tactful. There is no need to push them. Just make sure it’s live and there was an appreciation for the help they provided.

The Second tactic: Blog Acquisition

Buying links may not be that difficult at all. There is a much simpler and ethical process available for the purpose. Buying natural links is the best option to do. But how can that be made possible? Simply purchase a blog that comprises of many natural links. Each and every corporate conglomerate has a clear understanding about the best ways to achieve success in the web world. It is always better to purchase those ventures that have enjoyed strong success already. The same concept can be used with blogs too. Simply purchase a popular blog and host it on the site and then get it redirect. Hire a blogger for the purpose in case the entire scenario looks somewhat clumsy.

The Third tactic: Looking for a Micro celebrity

It can be a great option to look for micro celebrities. Yes, commissioning micro celebrities can definitely be a very powerful way to purchase natural links. Simply pay them for writing guest posts, carrying out a video blog, taking images, etc for the betterment of the site.

There are many ways to develop and improve on the link profile. But the above three mentioned ones are capable of driving tremendous traffic It’s safe and fast. However, limiting to one blog is not the option. Repeat the process over multiple blogs. These procedures are great marketing strategies that should not be thought of all SEO tactics.

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Naseer Ahmad Mughal

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